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Custom Pet Portraits

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Meet the Artist

Jonah, 24

Jonah has been painting for about 12 years now. Working on custom pieces for clients he soon noticed a demand for pet portraits and we never imagined it taking off like it has. He hand paints each and every one and has incredible attention to the smallest details. Whether its a brand new puppy or a 13 year old pig, he works on it until its perfect. Jonah's pieces can be found across the United States in hundreds of homes.

Our Portraits

We know our portraits are much more than a painting for your wall. They are a piece of your family, and often times a reminder of a loved pet that is gone. Our portraits are hand painted with Behr Ultra house paint and is designed to last without fading or scratches. 

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A Peek into the process...

Each portrait is unique, so we work directly off of photographs you send in!

How to Place an Order

What to know Before you Purchase

Our custom pet portraits are hand-painted on real wood canvas, with Behr Ultra interior/ exterior paint.
Underneath each painting is a pencil sketch that may show through in some areas.
Each painting is a one-of-a-kind original. You will have the original and only copy.
All sizing and price options can be found at the top of the page.
Real wood is used, as a result the painting will weigh approximately 3.5 lbs.
All canvases have a key slot in the back for hanging, which requires one screw or nail that is NOT included. 
All portraits take approximately 3 weeks to complete. If we are receiving requests at a high rate, the time it takes to complete may be longer, at which case we will contact you.
All requests are completed in the order paid and received. 

Placing an Order

The photo next to each of the options is just an example of the size of the painting and is not the painting you will receive.
Please ensure that all information on order is accurate, as we will use this information to contact you and to ship your painting.
Local pickup is available for those in the Arizona area. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout.

What to Know After you Purchase

Important: If you do not hear from us 2 business days after placing the order, please contact us via email.

After you have completed the purchase the following will take place.

We will contact you via email, confirming your order and requesting photos of your pet. 
You will be provided with Jonah’s personal contact information to send photos to as wells as communicate throughout the process via text or call.
Once we receive all payments in full, your sketch will be started. We will NOT begin your painting until all purchases are made.
You will receive a sketch in the next three weeks via email/ text of the pet photo provided. Please respond back with any desired changes. Once the sketch is approved we will begin painting.


Your finished painting will be completed within the next two weeks and shipped to submitted address or you will be sent a pickup notification. You will receive confirmation that your painting has been shipped, along with a tracking number.

If you have any questions, concerns, or special instructions about the portraits at any time of the process, please contact us via email.