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Meet the Artist


My husband Jonathan is the woodworking master behind everything The Painted Ladies. He started out building houses at a young age along side my boys and myself. Now he is the man behind building our famous booths at shows, to custom making pieces for your home.

Our Silhouettes

Each United States Silhouette is handmade from vintage reclaimed wood to fit your home. We love creating a piece that perfectly matches your personal style. Tell the story of where your family is from, where you've traveled, or where you live now. All with custom hand painted states.

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A Peek into Jonathan's shop...

Fun Fact: We have a series called 'Get Hammered' on IGTV and Youtube where we show you how to build different wood projects at home!

How To Place an Order

What to Know Before you Purchase

The United States Silhouettes are made from vintage, reclaimed wood and have a plywood backing for support.
All United States Silhouettes are equipped with a key slot for hanging.
All measurements and options can be found above.
You may pick as many states as you wish to be represented on your custom silhouette, however we recommend no more than 5 as any more begins to cover up the vintage wood you choose. 
Any design can be hand-painted onto each chosen state; from a flag, to the landscape, a university, or your custom design.
We offer a stained option to which we apply a dark stain to the wood to give it a rich, elegant look if you choose.

Placing an Order

The photo next to each of the options is just an example of the size of the piece and is not the piece you will receive.
All payments are processed via PayPal, which also accepts major credit cards even if you do not have an account. 
Please ensure that all information on order is accurate, as we will use this information to contact you and to ship your painting.
Local pickup is also available for those who live in the Arizona area.
If you have any special requests or would like to purchase a silhouette similar to one we have done, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Contact Us" button to send us an email.

What to Know After you Place an Order

Important: If you do not hear from us 2 business days after placing the order, please contact us via email.

After you have completed the purchase the following will take place.

We will contact you via email, confirming your order and requesting desired states and designs.
Once we receive all payments in full, your order will be started. We will NOT begin your painting until all purchases are made.
Please ensure you detail all desired requests as we are limited to the changes that can be made after it is completed.
Your finished United States Silhouette will be completed within the next 2 weeks and shipped to submitted address. You will receive confirmation that your piece has been shipped, along with a tracking number.
If you are local in the Phoenix area and requested local pickup, you will receive a pickup notification once it is ready.

If you have have any questions, concerns, or special instructions about your order at any time of the process, please contact us via email.

38" to 48" Size Comparison

The 48" has a little more detail to the shape of the United States compared to the 38".

38" traditional with two states.

48" Jigsaw with two states.