About Us

This amazing journey of The Painted Ladies started ten years ago when I decided to paint the word ‘love’ on four boards pulled from an old sun aged pallet. Myself, along with my husband and boys, were amazed to find the response was beyond what I ever imagined. So I didn’t stop there.
My family became closer as my husband and I taught the boys how to work with wood and how to hold a paint brush. The Painted Ladies took off from there- growing our little family business into something we can share with everyone.
Our handmade, hand sketched, and hand painted art is some of the most talked about in Arizona. Our vintage reclaimed wood decor is found in hundreds of homes and I, along with my family, cannot thank you all enough for supporting us in everything we do. We are so grateful for all the traveling, meeting amazing new friends, and adding a little piece of my family to hundreds of homes.
Thank you all for being a part of The Painted Ladies! - Jeni

In the Sunday Newspaper


Little homemade booths, and local art walks in our small town in northern Arizona. This is where all the magic started for the first 7 years of our business.

The Big Leagues


One of our first shows in the big city. We were so overwhelmed and humbled by the positive response we got! We couldn't have imagined what would come next.

New Additions


We welcome a new daughter in-law to the family and we move into The Merchantile in Old Town Scottsdale. Our 5th retail store!

On the Air

From tours of our booth with Channel 3 News, to how-to guides on Fox 10, and features in Phoenix Voyage Magazine- The Painted Ladies are the talk of the town.

A Look Behind The Painted Ladies