United States Silhouette Jigsaw

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A gorgeous and one-of-a-kind piece for perfect asthetic.

*Please refer to the Custom United States Silhouette page for instructions on how to order a custom piece*


  • Silhouette is available in multiple sizes
  • Jigsaw Silhouette refers to the staggered wood design
  • Each silhouette is handmade from real, reclaimed wood which can result in varying wood appearances (knots in wood, color, textures, roughness, etc.)
  • Each state is hand sketched and hand painted one-by-one to fit your requests
  • States are painted with Behr Ultra House paint for durability and lasting color, thus will not fade over time from sun exposure.
  • Silhouettes are not waterproof and will bow with exposure to water. If hanging outdoors, please ensure it is in a covered area safe from weather. Signs can however withstand high humidity and are able to be hung in bathrooms without damage.
  • Key slotted for hanging

Limited quantities of wood available. 

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